Who is V-Innovative?

V-Innovative offers packaging design and production services in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a overseas office and design center of the Voion Printing Group.

Who is Voion Printing Group?

voion-logo-2014Voion Printing Group (International) Co., Ltd is a trans-regional, leading paper-manufacturing company that specialized in color box, rigid box, premium box, and corrugated cartons, publication and paper product. V-Innovative serves Voion’s customers in the North America market.

What are your services?

V-Innovative gives you almost every packaging answer that you need in one place here in Hayward, California, with an in-house photography studio, structural engineering concepts, graphic design ideas, prototype and all-rounded technical support in packaging material and color management.

What is your goal?

Our motto, “take one box at a time.” We thrive on creating the most fit, evolving packaging for you and enrich your brand cultures to keep pace.

What are the advantages of your connection to your parent company in China?

On the other rim of the Pacific Ocean, our design center has over 30 rigid color box designers working seamlessly with our US team for any challenges.

What kind of machines do you have in your manufacturing plant?

In terms of production muscle, we have 3 plants equipped with 10 fully automatic rigid box gluing and laminating machines, plus over 30 semi-auto production assembly lines for the most-complicated rigid boxes.  In addition, we have 30 plus offset printing presses as well.

What is color management in printing?

Color Management is the process of standardization to control the color consistency in a repeatable way.

GSM vs. pound?

1 gsm=est. 0.6757 lbs.

What is blank size?

Blank size means an edge-to-edge measurement of a die-cut.

What is paper combination?

That means the grades of the top sheet, liner, middle liner and so forth.

What is the flute?

Well, corrugated board is a formation of different fluted corrugating medium that is glued to a linerboard and flute is a sheet of corrugating medium.

What are the common types of flute?

A, B, C, E and F.

What are the usual types of packaging material?

  • SBS
  • Corrugated Board
  • CCNB
  • Kraft board
  • Pulp molding
  • EPS foam
  • Blister plastic
  • Poly bag

How is a box created?

It is a very complicated process, but we can explain it to you in a simple way according to your project requirement just by giving us a call or email at [email protected].

See part of the box making process in this video:

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