Packaging, a product’s best friend and often forgotten companion.


Join us at CES 2016 to celebrate the momentous contributions of packaging.

Voion Printing (international) Group, Ltd is pleased to announce that the company will be attending the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Nevada from Jan 6 – Jan 9.

Are we a conventional Chinese Factory?  Mr. Tiger Li, President of Voion and Eddie Lau, the founder and General Manager, of V-Innovative, does not intend to become one.  “From the start, we’ve always strived to do more than just manufacturing.  We are one packaging manufacturer, or rather a specialist who is environmentally, cost, and aesthetically conscious.”

Packaging, gives consumers a first impression of the company, it represents the brand and identity of the organization, it evokes feelings of nostalgia in consumers, it attracts consumers to pick up the product, and most important of all, it carefully protects the product that it houses from the rigorous distribution environment so that it may safely reach the hands of consumers.

The package and product relationship is a harmonious one, where the product will always be paramount. Furthermore, Voion is thrilled to promote the ever importance of packaging and, “we’re excited to showcase a multitude of innovative packages this year.  Our booth will be located in the Sands Expo, booth #71864.”  Furthermore, please visit our online showroom here!

Media Contact: Mae Hung


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