Types of Boxes

There are times when people are ordering a box they will be confused with terminologies that throw by the packaging engineers.  Have you heard of terms like, HSC, RSC, FOL and, etc.?

Half slotted container

Half slotted container

HSC stands for half slotted container. Usually, the flaps are on-half of the container’s width, and they meet at the center of the box when folded with only one set of flaps.

Regular slotted container diagram

Regular slotted container

RSC stands for regular slotted container which is the same as HSC with one more set of flaps and is the most commonly used type of boxes.

Full overlap slotted container diagram

Full overlap slotted container

FOL stands for full overlap slotted container. This style of boxes creates a thicker cushioning which applies for heavy stacking. However, its’ downside is not very economical when it comes to material efficiency as usually inserts could be an option.

Tuck-top-auto-bottom box diagram

Tuck-top-auto-bottom box

TTAB stands for tuck-top-auto-bottom box, and it is easily closed at the bottom and convenience for assembly line as the top can be easily folded and tucks into the box.

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